social security and internet payday loans

I have several internet payday loans i have paid on them, but I had to close my account and default. Can they garnish my social security check which is direct deposited in my bank account

2 Answers

Anna is right! Once the checks get deposited in a bank account wherein you already have an existing balance, the bank might find it difficult to differentiate such co-mingled funds. Then it becomes easier for your creditors to obtain a judgment.

Social security checks cannot be garnished by the creditors but if they are deposited in a bank account, then your creditors can get a judgment against you and garnish the bank account. However, you haven't mentioned the state you live in or the name of your payday lenders. If they are illegal or not licensed to operate in your state, then they may not be able to get a judgment against you to garnish your bank account.

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