Anyone know of Wites & Kapetan, P.A.?

I couldn't find anything while searching for them, but has anyone ever received a letter from this law firm looking to represent you for credit card debt? Could I accept this as legit if there comes a time that I might need them?

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Also got their letter, today, and am wondering where they get their info.  Letter stated they got my name and address from Infinity Marketing Solutions (advertising aka data mining firm) and claimed I have $10,000 in debt which is B.S.  Have no debt, never had. My advice: steer clear of these "attorneys."

Got the letter and after a little laugh I did the research to find others who have also been data mined.  My freakin credit score is 819 and I pay all my bills on time.  I use a lot of credit cards and always pay on time and in full as I don't ever want to pay interest.  How these ambulance chasers ever got my name or even associated me with 'bad debt' is beyond me.


My advice, stay away from them!!!!

I actually work at Wites & Kapetan and I can personally tell you that we all work very hard for our clients.....and no we do not sleep with the attorneys! Alot of work is put into making our clients less stressful. The main problem with the clients that are disatisfied with our firm are those that expect for us to take care of all of their legal problems for absolutly nothing......that is just not logical and that is explained to them before they sign up. You can not expect for us to settle your accounts if you are not able to forward any funds for the settlement process. I can guarantee you that the clients that follow the advise of our exceptional attorney's and continue with the program are more than satisfied.

Receiving that letter today (which appears as if there is a lawsuit being filed against me) was an instant turn-off for me. Using scare tactics to get clients screams "red flag". It seems that there is a lot of stuff on them online now, but it is all from their website. I am definitely steering clear of this law firm. Seems like a headache.

I'm not having much luck with this law firm

I have my problem as well with financial and Wites & kapetan sent me a letter about fixing my problem. I made a call and spoke to one of their employees. The following day, attorney David Steinberg called me and introduced himself and told me about what to expect and what to do for the upcoming months as creditors will be calling me non stop. Then i received documents from them as our agreement that i retain them to represent me. I have been trying to research this law firm but there's not much that comes out. I hope that by reading the above testimony, they will help us as well with our financial struggle. I contacted one of their lawyers here in Chicago, her name is Danya Shakfeh and i asked her if this lawfirm is legit. And she told me that it is. So i proceeded, and i have Alex Kapetan to represent me. I hope everything will turn out to be alright.

I've had nothing but trouble from this law firm. Incompetant help sleeping with lawyers is never good!


I have been a client of wites & Kapetan for over 2 years now and they have done an exceptional job in helping me reduce and consolidate my debts (on one specific creditor they were able to settle for as little as 22% of the original amount in which I owed). i personally sent alex kapetan a letter thanking him and his law firm for their service. being a recent single widow and living on a single income drastically affected my finances. through their services i was able to manage my debts. I did receive a court notice for a lawsuit from one of my creditors but they were able to settle with said creditor as well and avoid a court case. Im my specific case, I did not want the negativity of having to file for bankruptcy and I did want to be able to pay off my debts, and they were able to help me out with that.

Check out the advice from the "Debt Guy" under "I've been solicited by wites and kapetan:

There's an old fashioned term used for certain attorneys - "ambulance chaser" and Wites and Kapetan is the modern version of this. What they do is they pay a fee to data-mine in a company call Infinity (a type of credit bureau) and from there they compile names, addresses, and debt loads (not always accurate, by the way). From there they send out letters designed to take advantage of people who don't really understand what's involved in settling debts, not to mention whether or not you even need an attorney to do so.

At worst, they are running their own data-mining scam. In the process of retaining them you have to turn over an awful lot of personal financial info; you are vulnerable to becoming a victim of identity theft if they or their staff is actually working a scam.

At best, they are using scare tactics to drum up business for themselves (note they're other line of business is "personal injury" lawsuits -- the original ambulance chaser domain).

In any case, no ethical attorney would consider data-mining credit bureaus and send out letters to individuals designed to scare them into spending money on legal representation in order to pay off some credit card debt.

I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau in Florida. Re your situation, why not go online and ask the Debt Guy (website link above) for some advice; it's free and very level headed.


I do not have much information about this law firm. You can contact with an experienced lawyer regarding this issue.


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