vision credit solutions(vcs) - why are they calling?

My hubby received a phone call from these ppl saying, they were calling about a return item on my checking account, and that it was attached to hubby\\\'s social security number. They called and left a prerecorded message, on his cellphone which is also his work phone number. The guy that called is Joseph Strauss. I attempted to call back and find out who it is or was that called at his job. A lady answered said it was in reference to a returned check on my checking account and that it was attached to my social security number, and that I needed to speak to a DIRECTOR. Dunno what that means. She transferred me to this Director. He asked me for the name phone etc. I gave it to him, he said it was for a defaulted payday loan. They lied first of all. I\\\'m saving the prerecorded message they said it was for a returned check. Guy said I needed to make payment arrangement\\\'s and I had to pay $100 per month to get this defaulted loan paid off from Check N Go.

He proceeded to tell me that, hubby took out a loan and that $100 was not enough to cover a 14 day loan period that we defaulted but they had to have that amount. I said no we just got thru some really financial hardship and trying to get back on our feet. I took a job to help out with the bills told him that and said i could help out with $50 per month. He said no he couldn\\\'t accept that, I said that\\\'s fine you have to accept some kind of arragnement he said no stop cutting me off you\\\'re rude.

I said if you continue to talk down to me i\\\'m hanging up. He said well then your hubby can pay a civil suit of $900 and we\\\'ll take him to court and he can pay court costs. He also said that my social security number or hubby\\\'s SSN # was attached to the checking account, they also said that they see he still works for (whatever company) and said we know he has income. I said stop talking down to me really nice, he got pissy on the phone and hung up. These ppl r really threatening civil judgement on us? What are our options? Any information is greatly appreciated, cause we did default on another payday loan and they are gladly working with us letting us pay $25 per week till it\\\'s paid but VCS wont\\\' accept $50 per month? just keeps threatening to call his work and sue.

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Tell your story to a class action lawyer who specializes in Collection Companies. If what you said is accurate, some of your rights have been violated.

As far as calling your Hubby at work, tell them that he would lose his job and not to. Also put it in writing in a letter to them.




I have an update for vision credit solutions, they have received the 2nd complaint from us. Going to the Ohio State Attorney generals office next. They just threatened us again as his job. He's not going to get fired but what these ppl are doing is illegal and we can possibly sue them. Will keep this thread updated.

Ok thanks I called the FTC and the Ohio state attorney general, she said he's not allowed to annoy us on the phone or threaten us with jail time or court time.

Vision Credit solution's also lied they said it was for a returned check on my checking account with my checking account and social security, attached to the checking account. But when I called he got vulgar rude n nasty, and told me that it was for a defaulted payday loan.

Tell them to send you something in writing. As per the FDCPA, they must do this. As for you, do not agree to anything or give any information to anyone over the phone.

Scammers. Report them and tell them to FOAD.

How to Deal with Unlicensed/Illegal Payday Lenders - Step by Step Instructions

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Very much so. That can also be stated in the letter to them.

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