Anybody used "The Defendant's Package"?

3 Answers

I used the Defendant's Package after I was sued by Midland Funding, LLC in Georgia. I answered the suit and a court date was set. I was in court today and ask the plaintiff for a copy of the contract allegedly signed by me. They did not have it and the case was dismissed.

These "Junk Debt Buyers" and lawyers don't want to prove anything, they want you to put your head in the sand and hope they go away.

The Package was money well spent.

P.S. Joe does not know what he is talking about. Too many hours playing his video games.

BS, First answer is fake. Just trying to sell said package

I must tell you jackie that the Defendant’s Package has priceless information. I was being sued by a collection agency and they sent me a “request for admissions”. Then I came across this and I used the info in the Defendant’s Package to respond to the request. A short time later, the plaintiff filed a voluntary non-suit – they dropped their case.

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