Is it possible to get Refunds?

Refunds are possible, they take time and hard work on your part. So far I have received a refund from Great Sky Cash and not only did they send me a PIF letter, $625.00 refund, plus another $92.50. The $625.00 came via check and the $92.50 direct deposit before my bank account was closed by the FDIC. I would never accept a refund from any PDL direct deposit because they are trying to get your new bank account information. I may not have as good of luck with the 2 illegal lenders out of the country but I continue to try. Hard work, plays off!

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I am currently in a situation with Great Sky Cash. I paid way over the prinicipel and I live in the state of New Jersey where pay day loans are illegal.  How can I stop these people from taking my money and how do I get a refund? I have heard they have their own laws and the letters on this forum dont work. Any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and Godo luck to you all!

Yes, the secret lies in sticking with your demand for refunds. If the illegal lenders can harass you, then you can do the same.

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