I left the palmer firm - now what?

For the past few months, I have paid the Palmer Firm for debt settlement. I had a few creditors still calling me and say they won't deal with Palmer.. so I started to negotiate my balance on my own. I was able to lower a settlement to Palmer an additional $200 dollars. Anyhow, since they originally sent Cease letters to my creditor, should I notify my creditors that I am no long with Palmer? The reason I ask if because most of my correspondence is going to Palmer. I won't know about collection efforts or settlements if I don't get the letters? But I don't want my phone ringing off the hook again. Please give some advise.. Thank you!

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After almost 5 years of not hearing from them because supposedly all my debt was paid off, I had a phone call from one place I supposedly owed 7 years ago. They stated an amount was talked about but Palmer never made a payment. Now the account hasnt been paid on in so long that it has doubled. I never knew it wasn't paid and I supposedly had everything taken care of by Palmer. Now, I can't get ahold of them to figure out the problems and I may have to pay the balance. How ridiculous!!!

If you are a client of the firm, and you think it is charging an unreasonable fee, you can file a grievance with the State Bar of Texas.  Or, you can file a fee dispute with the State Bar of Texas.

A friend of mine retained the Palmer firm to help settle with a bank, and now she is paying the bank And the Palmer firm, which doesn't seem right. I don't know if Palmer is even paying the bank anything. Is the Dept of Justice investigating these folks? I know how raise a ruckus on the Internet and went national once before, but I need some facts, first.

 I am going through the same thing,they promised me three tears to finished  and as of today they told me I have 5 years more making it 8 years.this company is a fraud.

the Palmer Firm phone number-800 560-8520

The main company responsible for the bad things clients are complaining about The Palmer Law Firm is:

11690 Pacific Avenue
Fontana, Ca. 92337

The Palmer Law Firm was working in the same building as Lexxiom. Be aware there is also another law firm called the Sideman Law Firm who is still working with Lexxiom and still ripping off people and still getting away with it. Lexxiom has change there name in the pass four years. They use to be called Mediation Debt, DMSI and now Lexxiom. Please which out they don't change there name again.

Lexxiom is a big fraud of a company and is still getting away with it.

My poor grandfather was talked into using the Palmer Firm to negotiate for him and so far they settled one of his accounts. The account received a certain amount and the Palmer Firm received a little more then double that same amount in fees for their services. My mom broke down the math for my grandfather and he was close to tears. RIDICULOUS!!

Just saying.......

I have used the Palmer firm and after being laid off and no money coming in but my unemployment.
Yes, the take their fee first before they start paying and a maintenance fee of $65.00 per month.
They have negotiated 6 of my accounts leaving me with just two left. It's been a long process but well worth it.
What they negotiated for I could have never done on my own. I started with $450.00 and gradually lowered my fee after not having any money come in. If I my other bills were more that month I would call them and they would not take that money out of my account for that month as long as you give them a month's notice in advance. When I had my surgery I let them know that I needed that money for that month and the did not
take it during that month.

I think people just assume that that debts and calls are going away sooner than expected. If I got a call I would call them. If I got a bill or letter I faxed it to them. You just have to ask questions take person's name that you spoke with date & time and be patient. All law firms and attorney cases take months to resolve.

I can honestly say I have been pleased with the way they have handled in settling my debts. I just never anwer any calls with numbers I do not recognize. After they settle they alway's send you a letter and you then write a letter to the credit bureau to make sure they update your file.

Does anybody know about Criag Zimmerman Law firm as a debt settlement firm. This is all so overwhelming. The reason I'm in this situation is because I have been screwed over by renters of my rental properties. And I sure don't want to get screwed by a Law Firm that acts as if they want to help me in this very difficult situation I'm in.. Could someone who has used Zimmerman tell me NO, don't do this and the experience they have had


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