has anyone dealt with Omni Services-Company?

has anyone ever heard of or dealt with a company called Omni Services? They are supposedly an office supply company and they are located in Gainesville, TX.

Lossing My Mind!!!
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This company is a fraud. It calls you staying they are going out of business and selling cut price office supplies. They quote a price based on the unit of issue being a box of a dozen and then invoice you for each item in the box so your invoice ends up being an amount twelve times what you were expecting. It is huge scam - do not order from them or if you have already, do not pay the bill. Contact the US Texas Attorney's office and the Better Business Bureau if you have already dealt with them!!!!

No, not heard of Omni Services in regards to office supply company. However, if searched with Better Business Bureau (BBB), you will find that they have no accreditation with BBB. Their address:
Name: Liberty Supply Co. Inc.
Phone: (866) 252-4923
Address: PO Box 1222
Gainesville, TX 76241-1222
However, can you give more details on this company? Have you had any dealings with them.

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