what requirements are necessary to negotiate with cc companies

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Yes, delinquency is a key factor. But, please remember that what may work with one creditor may not work with another. They all have different guidelines, policies and procedures. Don't allow yourself to get scared with some of their tactics, and accept a settlement just because they fool you into believing it's the best they'll do.

And, please don't make the mistake of calling them when you are just 60 days delinquent. It takes time, patience and lots of phone calls. But, you can get there.

Best of luck to you!

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If you want to settle, you\\\\\\\'ve gotta be delinquent.

Anywhere from 60-150 days, depending on the creditor.

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The biggest \"requirement\" so to speak is the fact that you are in default and they want to get at least some of their money. If you can get across to them that you are going to be filing bankruptcy and they will get nothing. If you have a true hardship they will negotiate with you.

Most hardships are medical, death of a breadwinner, loss of job or loss of wages from current job. But they have been known to negotiate with people who simply get over their head.

A credit card company will negotiate with you when you are at least 90-120 days behind in your payments and are having financial difficulties.

You would needs money to be able to do the settlements. You can go to the DIY section at the top of this forum and read how to settle your debts.

You can also do a search on this site for your creditor and see how others managed their settlements.

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