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I got a call from Praxis financial and they said their client was MSW capital for my chase circuit city card debt and I asked them to mail me the details before I speak to them.
I got another call this week and I said the same, he refused to listen to me and continued talking and said \"the letter would not do any better\" and continued to say \" I should listen to them to pay off the debt\".

I said, send me mail before I listen or speak to you.
I got a mail from Praxis Financial Solutions and provided information.
I called up chase and found out the original debt collector is a different company, Not MSW Capital.
I am now confused. Is it wise to send a DV letter to Praxis?

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I am letting all debt collectors know that you are wasting your time calling me to pay a debt that I owe on. I Do Not pay debt collectors. I got scammed years ago by one. My husband told me to pay the creditors from now on. Never again I pay a debt collector. To this day I pay the creditors I owe.

Though I paid my debt, these guys asked me to check with credit bureau to clear that. When I disputed to experian, they replied back saying that its 'updated' but my credit report still says the account is closed.

Only thing what I have now is, a letter from praxis financial that I paid my debt.

I had a debt that I have paid in full stemming from a visa card in 2008. It was sent to MSW then another collection agency. Im trying to get it removed from my credit report and they are giving me the runaround and it seems as if MSW doesnt have a valid number or a toll free number so that i can speak to someone..What should I do? I need this paid debt removed from my credit file ASAP.

I owed Chase. They sent it to Credigy. Credigy sent to MSW Capital who sent it to Northland who sent it back to MSW Capital. How in the He-- do I get in touch with MSW Capital to settle this debt? Please help! I am so frustrated!

Thanks Mike, No problem, The person from Praxis called me up and continued talking. But I responded very politely and he calmed down to talk to me. He was nice and understood my explanation and provided the information what I requested.

Incidentally, I've just now registered an account here too. The previous post was done without that.

Yes, that is correct. Sherman is just a reseller, and MSW uses them on some of our purchases. We then use various agencies, or law firms if it\'s suit-worthy, to collect the debt for us. Yes, there is an MSW Capital in Brazil, but that is not us.
I work for MSW Capital - give me a call if you like. 908-287-7070, extension 117.

I can look up the account and insure it was purchased by us. If you need validation of the debt, I can send that to you as well. I have electronic copies of original account statements on file that include purchases, cash advances, payments, etc.
Also, if you\'re having problems or complaints with any individuals at Praxis, I would be very interested in knowing who you spoke with so I can follow up on that.

Okay, I called up Chase again to verify, this was what happened
1. Chase sold this account to Sherman
2. Sherman sold it to MSW Capital
3. MSW capital uses Praxis to collect the debt.
I am planning to send a DV letter to verify my debt.
I got a call from Praxis and said they can settle this debt for 50% of the amount.

I am not interested.
Can I send a DV letter to these people? or send a Pay For Delete letter with some amount?

I can send a DV letter, my only concern is that the company what Chase told me is not MSW capital. Googling gave MSW Capital is a brazil company
My first call was from MSW and the second one was from Praxis. But the letter is from Praxis and the letter mentioned that the creditor is MSW which is not correct per the conversation I had with Chase.

I am going to make a call to the company chase asked me to contact and find out the information whether they have already sold this account to MSW or not.

Sounds like a letter of collection. If you don't know what the debt is for, or question any portion of it, I would send a request for validation of the debt. Be sure to send your letter via certified mail with a return receipt requested. If you receive further letters or phone calls, be sure to document each contact.

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