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We are paying off a $90,000 debt through Debtwave Credit Counseling in CA, but represented until today, August 17, 2011, by The Johnson Law Group in Florida.  I was informed that TJLG were disbarred or something, in Florida, and now we pay directly to Debtwave.  We've been on the program for 2 1/2 years and have $29,000 left to pay.  I keep track of all the balances each month and so far we've paid over $60,000. so this program has worked for us.  We do pay a monthly fee of $59.00, but compared to what we owe and what we've paid off, it's been worth it.  Although I was told today that fee will decrease beginning this month.

I have been with JLG in FL since May, 2010.  So far, they have not failed to do what they say they will do and have saved me approximately $30,000 so far.

You are actually incorrect. The Johnson Law in FL is an entirely different company from Johnson Law Group in NV, and the one in NV is NOT run by Tom Roland, or in any way associated with him.

I have to agree with guess 222. Johnson in Florida is where I have my consolidation and I check monthly with the credit card companies to ensure that my payments are being made. I have been with them for 13 months and it's been okay.

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Johnson Law Group in Nevada has filed bankruptcy. We were with JLG in NV, after four months they sent us a letter saying they were switching us to JLG in Florida and needed us to sign papers giving them authorization to handle our account. A few months later we received a letter saying JLG in NV had filed for bankruptcy. JLG in Florida continues to withdraw money from our account and we did not sign any paperwork giving them authorization. The information about the bankruptcy, you can find online. You can also find the information linking JLG in NV and JLG in Florida, online. Research! Research! Research!

What state are they out of, the BBB lists several of them with various addresses.

Johnson law is run by ESS, the same ESS that processed for Hess Kenedy out of Orlando FL.

You were probably introduced to johnson by the credit exchange. Once Hess Kennedy went out of business the real people behind the scam needed a new front person. They find 4th tier lawyers to put their name on a company so they can perpetuate the same scams just under new, clean front companies

Want to know what happens to your money? They keep it to buy Ferrari's, boats, motorcycles, houses, etc... Steve Vanderhoof of thecredit exchange has over 5 exotic cars, i hear his car payments alone are over 20K a month, plus he rents a 5 million dollar mansion for another 25K a month, all paid for by the money his firms scam from consumers.

The guy who runs ESS/Johnson Law is named Tom Roland. Just like Steve he has several exotic cars, a boat and many other toys. These are the real crooks, they use lawyers like Laura Hess and Ed Cherry to be their front men but in the end they are the ones getting the bulk of your money

Their offices are like the movie boiler room, slick sales guys working off a script designed to seperate consumers from their money by making them think they will be debt free, less than 10% of the people they help ever become debt free, the rest end up further in debt

The one out of NV is rated an F, while the one out of TX is rated an A+, it varies from state to state.

This firm is in Las Vegas,according to the Las Vegas BBB they have taken care of all complains.

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