Hess Kennedy SCAM by Eric and Edward Cherry. Is it true?

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Edward Cherry or Edward Kennedy?  You know the alias he used when he was an unlicensed attorney acting as Edward T. Kennedy, that has never been found.  Edward Cherry is now running the same scam at Center for Legal Justice with Larry Diodato as his partner in crime.  Unbelievable that he gets away with this scam over and over and over but their time is coming.......

Oh yeah, how is that time share class action lawsuit going that you charged all of those people thousands of dollars for and did NOTHING?

Goudah I was trying to show what an utter scam Hess Kennedy in other direct ways so as to show people that Ed Kennedy-Cherry is not an honorable guy....rather he is a scammer and debt settlement is just one of his many scams.

Ed Cherry/ Kennedy and Hess Kennedy have 2 Florida lawyers "Laura Hess" and "Jeff Campos" yet they are presenting themselves to the consumers on this site as some kind of Legal Titan...lol

You both were too fast in replying. :) I was just typing Viper already knows that this is a message board and s/he is getting the word out on Hess Kennedy.

Everyone, please do your part of the research before signing up with any company. You need to be careful of the ones that are out to scam.

It is awful to read many of the posts where Hess Kennedy clients have paid thousands of dollars (alot of money to many people including me) and cannot even get through to support staff on the phone, have their emails answered etc....I have tried calling Hess Kennedy just to hear their scam pitch but no answer.

Edward "kennedy" Cherry is a devious scammer who creates new companies like "Campos Chartered Law" to divert attention away from fraudulent Hess Kennedy..but Mr. Cherry forgot one thing...Jeff Campos was listed as a "managing partner" of Hess Kennedy and Company. Edward Cherry is an A''hole who believes that average consumers are far to stupid to uncover the truth. In short they are very wrong!

You are not alone! People that prey on others trying to claw their way out of debt should be lined up and shot. To kick someone while they are down and asking for help is just beyond wrong.

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I am going through Hess & Kennedy right now. I have documentation on all the e-mails I have sent (about 2 out of 30 were answered). I am now being sued by one of my credit cards, and Hess & Kennedy have done nothing but take half of what I put into my "Trust Fund." Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?
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Hi Goudah......yes I have read a bunch of posts, and I feel that Hess Kennedy should be exposed as the Scam that they are.

Viper is actually correct about Edward Kennedy and Hess Kennedy. I am actually amazed that the FTC hasnt slammed them yet. The FTC recently fined another debt settlemnt scam called DSI $24 million dollars for misinforming their clients etc etc etc. Any clients who were screwed by Hess Kennedy....let me know and I arrange to have the lawsuit filed!

you idiots need to get your facts correct...i am the mrs. cherry that had call girlz which was a prepaid phone card that had attractive girls that were on the card hence "call girls" i actually came up with it in my first year of college as my persuasive speach for my public speaking class..i am raquel cherry..where did you come up with this idea that veronica would put her name on such a thing???....she does things that every woman would be proud of!!!!

Edward Cherry now runs a new fast growing scam at the Center for Legal Justice. He claims he can eliminate debt with out hurting someones credit. He is a scam artist and apparently he hasn't learned his lesson for Hess Kennedy! RUN RUN AWAY


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