credit card debt vs paydayloan debt

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Before entering into a debt consolidation program for your payday loans, you need to determine if they are [B]legal[/B] in your state. If they are not, then you are only responsible to pay back the amount you borrowed. Thus, if you overpaid, you would owe them nothing.

Also, I would contact your credit card companies to see if you can work out a repayment at a lower interest rate before resorting to debt consolidation.

You can read the stickies under the payday loan section to learn how to deal with them.

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Yes, can go for debt consolidation program for paying off your credit card debt debt and payday loan debt. Read through the following pages to know more about it:

Once you enroll in the program, make sure you make the payments on time. Otherwise, you can get into further debt problems.

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Is Debt consolidation program applicable for both cc and paydayloan debt then? what risk is involved in the debt program of the two types of debt. in terms of score or further loan etc

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Tricky question. Credit card debts are comparatively easier to settle. What I have learnt through the various discussions in the forums, payday loan lenders are relatively difficult to settle with. However, it does differ from lender to lender.

Debt consolidation is a good program for repaying credit card and payday loan debt. But there are other good debt relief programs also. Check out the following page to know about them:

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