well it appears that citibank of south Dakota has

well it appears that citibank of south Dakota has hired a law firm in my state of Va they sent me a civil claim for money (a warrant in debt ) in the mail along with a notarized Affidavit of a person that says he works for citibank as a custodian of records and has knowledge of my account and a copy of the last statement from citibank before all this I sent the dispute and validate letter asking for a contract with my signature I recieved copys of statements that is all now we go to court june 9th I guess my guestion is should i get a laywer or go to court and ask for proof of ownership the contract with my signature I know I need to show up so they can't get a default judgement what do u reccommend

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You don\'t need to \"request proof.\" As long as you file a timely answer denying their allegations, they have to make their case before they can get a judgment. The testomony phase it set well in advance. There will be no actual trial testimony taken on the summons date. That will happen later on.

It is too late to request validation after a summons.

Since it is citibank suing you, they will be able to provide a copy of cardholder agreement and possibly copies of charges with your signature. They will probably get their judgment even if you show up. I would be spending the money right now to attempt to settle the debt, not fight it.

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