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I currently have 2 credit cards and i have used those 2 due to an emergency and I have used its max limit. Does anybody know if I can settle an amount without paying the entire debt?

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Of course you can! You can certainly be able to settle your credit card debts where you'll not have to pay the entire debt amount. The debt consultant will negotiate with your creditors and lower the principal amount that you owe on both of your cards. If they agree, you just have to make a reduced payment that will be a relief on your budget.

However, you may also be aware of the adverse impact of debt settlement on your credit score. Therefore, you can also try out debt consolidation to maintain a good score while repaying your debts.

I agree with "options." Focus on the settlment. Your first step is to stop making payments. Do you have enough money to settle these accounts at ... say, 50% of the balance in a lump sum?

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I don't think anyone can reasonably tell you that you made a mistake without knowing anything about the nature of the emergency the funds were used for. Yes, going overlimit is never ideal. But if it helps fund your kid's liver transplant, worrying about the credit limit means there's something wrong with someone's priorities.
OF COURSE you can settle a credit card debt for less (often, much less) than the balance, that's what this forum is all about. Just make you you know the implications beforehand so that you make an educated decision.

Since, you have crossed the maximum limit on those two credit cards; it will hurt your credit score adversely. If you want to settle the debt, you can contact with your creditors and negotiate with them.
Apart from debt settlement, you can payoff your debt through a debt consolidation program. If it is not possible for you to negotiate yourself, you may contact with a trustworthy debt consolidation company. The debt consolidator then negotiates with your creditors and replaces multiple payments with a single monthly payment by consolidating the amount.

You have committed a mistake by exhausting your credit limit. You may be charged with over limit fees now. Anyway, you can contact the credit card company and explain the circumstances which compelled you to exhaust your credit limit. After that you can negotiate a settlement with the credit card company.

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