25k in debt haven't been paying credit cards in 8 months

I am 25k in credit card debt. I have four different credit cards and had to stop paying them last summer due to the fact no one was budging on helping me out (except for one) with a new payment plan. I am living paycheck to paycheck as it is right now and have no idea how I am going to stop this cycle.

I have debt collectors calling me and today someone called, said she is a debt collector but was calling from a law office.

I can\\\'t have them garnish my wages or I won\\\'t have anything to live on. I don\\\'t know what my options would be and I would really like to stay out of bankruptcy if I could.

I do not have anything to liquify really. I have my car which I am still making my payments for on time, but that is it. I don\\\'t own a house or anything worth a lot of money. Plus, I couldn\\\'t even afford a bankruptcy lawyer anyway.

This is causing me many sleepless nights and anxiety attacks. I still need to be able to support myself and two kids and am running out of options...


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If you can try to settle, if you dont have money to settle, either through tax refunds or selling things then claim bankruptcy.  if you don't own your car outright they can't take it -- they look for assets you own -- so if you lease its not an asset.  state rules are different for each state -- but in ny for example you are allowed to keep up to 4k in value for a car if you file bk.


good luck to you :)

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Be sure that you use a reputable debt consolidation company.  I have a friend that used a company, they took her money and didnt pay her bills!  Good luck, take one day at a time, and things will work out for you. Don't despair.  Keep thinking!


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If you are living paycheck to paycheck, you might want to look at filing bankruptcy and getting a fresh start.

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Is there any support online?

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Don\\\'t be so stressed out. A lot of consumers often get into debt problems. You are not alone. The trick is to find out the right ways to solve them. You should go through the following pages to know about how you can get out of debt with competence:



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Debt settlement is what you are looking for. It is a way for you to avoid that bankruptcy, while taking a step in the right direction to paying off the debt. A lot of credit card companies won't budge until you have an attorney on your side. An attorney staffed debt settlement company can also help you by issuing cease & desist letters to get the collection calls to stop.

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