Can we legally dump clear debt results?

Hello, About a year ago my wife and I signed up with clear debt results to help us with our credit card debts. I think we signed them power of attorney to handle our debts. Well, year long story short our once near flawless credit rating is now shot. When we first signed up with them they told us to stop paying the credit card bills and don't answer the collection calls. They said they would "handle" everything. Well we have received two court summons from two of the cards and are close to receiving a third. After numerous calls to them. The only thing they have done is put us in touch with a lawyers office so WE could set up payments for the two card companies. All this time we have been paying them $61/month automatically deducted from our checking account to "handle" everything. My question is can we stop payment to them without getting into any legal problems?

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I to have been taken by clear debt results for 7000. As soon as they got my 7000 they \"went out of business\" so if there is a lawsuit I am down! I have always wondered if what they did was legal.

I am going after these scum bags one way or another I got sucked in for over 5000 myself.I am just starting to recover and by the way I have old dept that was cleared up by cdr that is now getting collection letters about 4 years later after having been settled. Look out CDR you are going down.

They got me a few years ago as well. I want to join the class action law suit.

I want to get in on a class action suit as I have also been scewed by them and the IRS now wants money for some of the debt I paid(they told me that would not happen) I need my agreement with them to show The Irs, But dont know how to get it? Ann Moring

been screwed also, IRS is up my butt. Want info or results as to get the info they had about my accts. Must I call the atty. gen. or BBB?They got thier 3,500 to do this and left me up in the air. Livid!!!!!!!!!!!

I signed up with them...and now I am being garnished...they told me they would have to offer a settlement before that would happen...and that was not the case. Not my credit score has been severly damaged.

I also have a victim of clear dept results. I am in the process of finding out if they ever settled one of the dept that they said they were going to settle. looking for a class action law suit also if there is any information out there please let us know. I have recently been served papers and am in the process of getting this train wreck back on track. any information would help.

My wife and I have also been victims of this fradualent company. I am more than willing to a join on a class action suit.

I was just informed that CDR is out of business (whatever that mean) but I am more than welcome to use DebtGrad to pick up where they left off. For a fee of course. But the odd thing is that they are the same company. People, beware!

There are alot of us out there that have been taken by this company. I also have filed a complaint with the better business bureau. I would like to know how I can get my money back. I am willing to join a class action suit. How do you start a class action suit.


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