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Got a voice mail at home today from AIG (regarding my Pay Day One account, who, since they are a CSO, are legal and licensed in SC). The voice mail said that I am being served an affidavit in a legal matter, and that I will need a witness and identification and that they will see me either at home or at work this afternoon if I do not call back! I sent AIG a debt validation and verification via certified mail, and have the receipt as proof that they received the request, but I have not received anything back from them, and then get this call today. Any advice on what I should do? I don't believe that they will call and announce that they are coming to serve, so I believe that is all BS, but is it legal for them to call and tell me BS?

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yes file AG,AND FTC complaints.also the police report as again broke the law with that call.

giving hope to the hopeless,help to the helpless,and hap to the hapless.

So do I just file a complaint against AIG for breaking the law?

paydayone is a CSO.big whoop.check your state's or counties procedures for service in civil matters as that is what counts.AIG is a bottomfeeder,and i'm noticing CSO'S like paydayone,and cashnetusa selling their loans to bottomfeeders more and more.the threat broke the law as process servers don't call ahead,and again AIG is a bottomfeeder.treat them like it.

giving hope to the hopeless,help to the helpless,and hap to the hapless.

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