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Anyone every herd of Alliance Funding? Just received a notice in door from mail person there is a certified letter waiting at the post office.

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Paul, Outstanding news! My husband just dropped off the mail from Alliance Funding LLC, Timberlake, SD it was a paid in full letter and a check for $625.00. I over paid by $625.00, they credited my account $92.50 the same day the FDIC closed my account but the transaction went through so they actually over paid me. I can\'t begin to thank each and everyone on this forum that has helped me with so much valuable information.

I can't believe I was overpaid either. Just goes to show they do not keep very good records. My original request to them was for $625.00 but when their deposit of $92.50 did go through before my account was closed I sent them a notification to adjust the demand to $532.50. Of course their letter to me states they are a legal lender, perhaps in South Dakota on the Indian reservation but not here. They are under the misconception because they are governed by the Indian nation that they do not have to abide by our laws. Well that being said " I will always abide my the laws of my state". Thanks for your support.

What is the address that is printed in the letter? Are they located in Atlanta, Georgia?

Wow Buzzette, congrats!!!!!! It's your first success against these illegal lenders, if I am not wrong. And you might be the first person who has been overpaid by the illegal lenders!!


I don't have any details yet. The certified mail notice was left in my front door yesterday. My husband should be going by the post office today to pickup as I'm at work. I tried to search the name on the internet and came up with nothing. I'll let the forum know more later.

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