ABC debt relief complaints - has anyone used debt relief?

Has anyone used ABC debt Relief? Has anyone got out of debt with this program?
I have been signed up with them now for some months already. I am just wondering if anyone else has used this particular company and what was the experience with them.

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The BBB is correct! They are a "F" rated on what they do. (If F stands for nothing)

They charge you to sign up. Take your money, don't even talk to your creditors, waste your time, emails, faxes, and phone calls. When all said and done, you owe the creditors more than what you owed them when you signed up. Don't just terminate them, get your money back. HOW?? Ask for any copies of letters or legal paperwork that they sent or emailed the creditors for you on your behalf! They can't and won't supply it...they didn't do anything!! They didn't fulfill their part of the agreement, so they in fact nulified the contract between you and their company...ABC Debt Relief...

Don't believe the above?? Ask them (the creditors) when they call if they have been contacted by ABC..ask for any paper work sent them, any recorded phone voice recordings. None!!! Plus the creditors don't even recognize them as legit!!!

See an attorney...he/she will tell you the same thing!

The people who recomend them on the web, are the employees of ABC!!

 I signed with ABC four years ago. It has been nothing but a nightmare. First they had me go default on my credit cards on purpose. Then they never answer my emails or phone calls. They never could get a settlement for me. I ended up doing it all myself. This company is a joke.

Run!!! I solved my debt myself, they never contacted any I my collectors, they told me not to pay them they will deal with them. They did not. I was able to get a better settlement by myself. They refunded 80% of my money I paid them with to do a job they didn\'t do. Do it yourself please!!!!

I've had mixed results from them. They never explained new debt and old debt to us. CCs are willing to settle old debt for a lot less because its been on the books and they want you gone. CCs just take you to court on new debt. We got sued right away and ABC wasn't able to do anything. Luckily we provided the info they needed to have it stay out of court and they settled for a very reasonable monthly payment of the full amount plus 1% interest. ABC was no help. During other settlements I would demand they go for much less than they wanted to and the CCs settled for the amounts I suggested. I also negotiated some settlements myself. Then, the counselor we'd been working with for 3 years left just as our last creditor was making threats to take us to court. We asked her to call and settle but the excuses began, she left, we got some weird emails from a person saying he would be in charge of our account even though his email didn't have any affiliation with ABC. Next thing we got served but luckily found a lawyer who does debt negotiation and he settled for half what ABC would have. Now they automatically deduct form our checking account even though they settled less than half our debt. Our contract says we owe them 15% of what they settle. We're going back to the lawyer to work with him to make sure they don't take more than they should. Don't get involved with them. Call you bar association and see what lawyer does debt settlement. If he can't work nation-wide, he'll know someone in other states that can help you.

We have nearly the same situation as the previous poster. They deducted their $9000 fees within the first 3 months and then 9 months later, settled 3 of my husband's 6 debts. Never to be heard from again. The contract states they don't guarantee a settlement but they DO guarantee to refund the portion of their fees for any debts they cannot/don't settle. We are still waiting for that refund. I have sent our final certified request 10 days ago, we'll see.

The only thing I can suggest to people is that when it gets to the stage that ABC settle at, you can do it yourself. I found the letters from CA's to my husband and ABC were settling these debts for nearly the same amount +/- $200. You may as well save yourself the 15% UPFRONT fee and settle yourself. Even their website is no longer exists. I'm glad I printed the pages back in March when we started requesting the refund. They guarantee everything and return nothing.  

ABC debt relief isn't a good company and the whole debt relief program is bogus. It is much easier to call and work with the credit companies direct. I hired ABC 3 years ago and since then I am worse off. I have paid them aprox. $5000 and now that am ready to settle they are nowhere to be found. It looks like I am going to have to work directly with each creditor. And bring suit against ABC for the $5000.

With credit cards, the company writes off the balance after 6 months from when you stop paying. Until month four, they usually will not negotiate. Then depending on the company, you can negotiate, even by yourself if you have tough hide, and settle for 40 to 50% and sometimes better. Unfortunately you must stop paying.
There is also some relief for taxes for forgiven debt under the new legislation. Make sure you get some expert tax advice, not a software program, if you are getting 1099s from the creditors.

You also should then start a good credit repair program to restore your credit. It can be done in 24 months or so.

Jim Montgomery
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congrads gouch! dont be bullied into using a company that surely is trying to threaten you to use thier services like "you have no choice" bull you have many choices one of which you did choose. the diy method which is one of the best and cheapest way of doing debt settlement congrads to you!

and as for the previous post, i dont think most people are aware of the bbb, i wasnt till i came to this site. I wish more people were informed that its a business just like everything else. alot of people put thier faith in the bbb, alot more than they should

They have a F rating with the BBB. You can do a search here to find other members' experience with "good companies"


No confusion at all. And I totally agree, you can do it yourself. It's your debt, you have to face the ramifications, so it is best that you empower yourself. It's very rewarding knowing that YOU did it, and on top of that, you will learn much in the bargain.

Congratulations, keep in touch! You are among friends and we will assist you any way we can.



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