please help me soaplady not sure what to do..please answer my post

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seems like you need to talk to a  lawyer.sessom&rogers works for debt buyers who buy your debt for pennies.and charge you a lot and some times those debts are so old they are not suppose to make you pay.what i am saying is the stature of limitation has ran out.and for nc it is 3 years on credit cards.and you need to talk to the attorney general of north carolina to see where you stand.

Do you now have a clear understanding of all the fees that you paid for 5 years? Are the additional fees included in your statement?

You may explain your financial situation to them and see if they're willing to offer another repayment plan to you. On the other hand, you may hire a debt relief service and try to settle your debt.


Tricky situation. You can contact a lawyer regarding this issue.

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