Payday Loan Yes Illegal Harassment?

I had a loan with PDL Yes. I paid it in full. They aren't even legal in my state (NYS). I sent them revocation letters for ACH and Wage Assignment. I sent them C&D letter. They are calling me five and six times a day at work. They ignore every letter I send them. I am being harassed by this woman:

Karen Tims
Payday Loan Yes
Settlement Manager
Advanced Collections Unit
Phone: 800-654-7444, ext. 846

She called me four times already today and it is only 11:30 a.m. I told her she couldn't call me, and she said "Oh yes I can and I will, I don't care what you sent". She told me she was contacting my employer and putting a wage garnishment on me. I sent her an email stating that I had revoked any wage assignment, I attached the letter (sent 4/25) and then I told her my employer has been advised and will not accept her calls and that you need a court order for a wage garnishment anyway. This is correct isn't it?

I have paid in full. In fact, I paid $15 more than the loan was originally. I had to have my bank put a stop order against them because they kept taking money. I am sending them another C&D letter today but doubt it will help.

What can I do to stop these phone calls? I filed a complaint with the Attorney General, the FTC and the BBB. I haven't heard back from any of them. I do payroll at my job so any call or letter will go to me but I'm not sure what else I can do. This harassment has to be illegal. Why do they think they can do anything they want? Is there someone else I can contact to help me with this?

I have their address as PO Box in Utah. That's where I sent letters (as well as emailing to them). Is there another address?

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