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Ive been dealing with Peachtree (Colarado) since last week. When I called the number back on Monday they are now calling themselves Mile High Law Firm. They told me their name changed. Apprently they purchased an old payday loan from the Cash Store, which is legal in Illinois. I dont agree with the amount they are claiming I owe.

They insist that I need to pay the balance of $1312 within 4 months. I show my balance is only $964 and confirmed with the CS this was the amount my account was closed for. Peachtree sent me a letter via email regarding this.
I need help in understanding if this is a legit law firm or a collection agency. The attorneys name is Brad Daybell. I did find a Brad Daybell listed under the Colardo Supreme Court. There is also a business license for Peachtree and Mile High Law Firm.

They don\'t have a web site and when I called information there is no listing for either company. If they are a true Law Firm shouldn\'t they have a web site or listed in the yellow pages? It seems fishy to me.
What are my options? Can they sue me in Illinois? INeed help fast!!

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I am trying to contact this business, I had a debt in which I paid and now they after several months has now taken an unauthorized payment out of my account.  I can not find a current phone number for them.....

This company is using social media and whatever information they can obtain on a person to try and collect. i live in California and they called friends that I have not seen since childhood. They are unprofessional and i am talking to the Attorney General's office in my state regarding their way of doing things to see if they have done anything illegal. They bother friends family and give out your information to try and obtain information on an individual. I don't think they are a Law firm no attorney's office would behave with such unprofessionalism. They even ask my Ex-boyfriend my daughters father if we are still having sex and I have not had anything to do with this man in 24 years. They are sick!!!! And I hope the Attorney Generals office gives me something to work with.

The debt is still owed and it is owed to whoever is the current holder of the debt. As far as collecting in IL, you should contact the attorney general\'s office in IL.  The answer as to whether they can collect in IL is maybe. Your question is not clear as to whether they attorney is contacting you or the collection agency. Depending on who is contacting you and whether they are licensed in your state of residence effects whether they can collect against you.

no they can\'t.i have noticed legal lenders selling debt to places not licensed and they must be licensed in IL to collect.again if they won\'t furnish at least a collection letter.file an AG complaint against peachtree/mile\'s office will make sure at least that you pay only the amount you owe.nothing more.

giving hope to the hopeless,help to the helpless,and hap to the hapless.

I called the Cash Store regarding this. They told me my account was paid and sold to a debt holding company. Peachtree informed my they purchased the debt from the \"holding company\" and are now collecting on it. Whom do I pay now? The C.S will not accept a payment since my account has been paid/closed out. I\'m not disputing the fact I owe money on the loan, however the amount Peachtree is asking for is not correct. Peachtree sent me an email regarding the debt. Can Peachtree legally collect on it?

well then why did they sell it?if they have it as closed out and PIF have them send,or email that info to you.that is strange that they did that.if they sold it they would have that in their system far as paying goes do not until you get a collection letter and send A DV letter certified mail return receipt.never admit to,pay,or ste up a payment arrangement with a voice on the phone.

giving hope to the hopeless,help to the helpless,and hap to the hapless.

So if they are not licensed to collect in Illinois, is there any way for them to sue me? Do I setup some type of payment plan on the amount I feel that I owe. The Cash Store shows my account as being closed out and paid in full.

btw neither peachtree,or mile high is licensed to collect or practice law in IL.whch is a as the poster above me stated to #3 back to the phones drone.

giving hope to the hopeless,help to the helpless,and hap to the hapless.

Thats a crock of dung. They are not new they just set up shop because their other office got into legal trouble.

Go back to the collection office jack.

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Yes, the the company does seem fishy. A genuine firm is most likely to have website or listed in the yellow pages. A lot of consumers have complained against the firm in various threads. Check out the following link to gather information on them: 

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