PDL's Hell in Arizona - How to get out of it?

I have been reading this forum and it seems like internet PDL's are illegal and I want to get out of this mess. If I am reading correctly all these PDL's are operating here illegally. Can someone verify this. Here is the list of lenders and the amount I owe:

PDYServices.com $200 deposited 8/6

Sandpointcapital $300 deposited 7/23

FBDLoans.com $500 deposited 7/09

PDO Advance $300 deposited 6/28

Sure Advance Loan $400 deposited 5/18

Thecashspot.com/American Commercail credit $700 deposited on 5/14

If I am reading things correctly AZ law says they can only charge 36% IF they are a licensed lender. It seems to me that none of these are licensed lender correct?

Thanks for you help in advance.

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