Stuck in a Payday Loan Jam (Pa Resident)

I've done a lot of researching today trying to get out of this jam that I am in with my payday loans. I ended up not having enough for my last semester of college and was forced to take out several payday loans. My regular student loans have kicked in, combined with these evil interest infested payday loans, and my normal monthly bills and I'm struggling to survive. I'm only about 2 months from starting my post college career job, which will be a substantial increase in income; however, these payday loans are going to sink me before I can get my head above water.

I did some research and found that some payday loan companies might be illegal (especially in Pa, which seems to have very strict rules about this from what I read). I've used some of these places in the past but figured I'd give more details below and see what you feel would be the best route to take.

Current Loans
EXTRACASH/WESTON 8005948504 T13742398
- Loan Amount: $400
- Interest Paid So Far: $240
- Loan Amount: $400
- Interest Paid So Far:
Pack Mgmt/B&L 8669436713
- Loan Amount: $200
- Interest Paid So Far: $300
- Loan Amount: $300
- Interest Paid So Far: $450
- Loan Principle Paid Off So Far: $50

I also just got rid of this United Consumer ACHTrans debit I believe that debited my account for close to 5 months. I think it was from EZPayDay as that's the only email i could find every other week that didn't match the payday loans above. All of the places above I've used before and I'm getting killed with these $90 weekly interest rates that I'm getting. Looking for advise without trying to blow up my credit beyond belief. Help???

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