Relief needed in Texas

I borrowed 700.00 from Cash Express in TX. I have paid and paid and I cannot continue to pay these rates. I'm on Social Security Disability, I had recently changed banks and was late in paying them. They had called bank and then called me to threaten me with court if I didn't bring in $250.00 which I did. 162.00 went toward interest and when there was no accounting for the rest of the money I asked about it. I was told they kept it for doing new paperwork even though they do new paperwork every month. Ok so now they have my correct bank etc. I'm late by 3 days, they've left msg. I spoke to Atty Gen office who said there is no debtor's prison in TX so I could not be arrested. I left msg for employees of payday loan that I needed to speak to them on monday about some sort of pymt plan, that it appears I'll have to file bankruptcy and to not run my checks thru electronically. HELP ME. It's not so "easy" to just close bank accts when you have to call Soc Security with new info then you worry if you got it in to them in time. Please advise me.

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