Blue Ridge Law Group does this firm really help w

Blue Ridge Law Group does this firm really help with settling payday loans problems or are they a fraud

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Blue Ridge helped me pay off my three payday loans in August 2010.  However, hard as I try I can't get them to send me a "paid in full" receipt.  Meanwhile, I continue to be hounded by so called litigators for these pdl companies.  How does one get a receipt from Blue Ridge?

Blue ridge lied said companies would not turn to collections that they just wanted their money.....

Blue ridge lied said companies would not turn to collections that they just wanted their money.....

Blue Ridge is a scam! I set up an account with them made the payments that were necessary by their calcualtions and low and behold I receive a call fromone of the people they were supposed to be settling with threatening legal action on me! I called Blue Ridge and explained what happened and then was advised that my account was not funded with the proper amount so I need to make more payments to them. I couldn't believe this seeing how I was always the one calling to find out what was going on and not ONCE was this ever mentioned to me until today. What someone said ealier about most of your money going to their fees is absolutely true; they collected over 1400.00 from me and only paid off 1 account for $400! They do have some decent people that work there but at the end of the day being nice and not delivering what you advertise/promise just doesn't cut it!

I had no problem with blue ridge law firm they settle my account. They only took out the amount of money they said they would ,although it took a while.they did what they said they was gonna do .2:50 on may 23th 2013

cASHNET IS STILL TAKING OUT 657.?  My ele. will be turned off tomowwow and it is hot in Texas. Please help

Blue Ridge Law Group IS A TOTAL SCAM!  They didn't help or would NOT called back.  They took over $1,700 from me and one of the representative was very nasty.  I settled two of my payday accounts!  PLEASE BE SMARTER THAN ME AND DON'T BE FOOLED BY THEM!

Received contract from Blue Ridge by e-mail this morning checked on their address and it turns out to be a residential apartment block.

I just cancled my account with them their fee is 20% of the dept you owe and 20% of the settlement so when I cancled my account with them, they keep $860.00 & returned $860.00 to me settled one account for $400.00. Leaving me still owing two other lenders with interest more than $1800.00. This company is a scam. So if this was there fee how was they ever going to pay the other two loans. Scam scam, scam.

one thing to keep in mind when dealing with these people is that they are settling your debts.  Your credit is going to tank because everything is going to fall into collections and they will settle it for you at that time.  Why pay someone a fee to ruin your credit when you can do it all yourself.  Wake up people, you're already hurting and in tough times, don't let this company scam you out of money.


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