Can a debt collection agency ask me to stop making mortgage payments?

I do have a debt collection account on my credit report. This collection agency has instructed me to stop making mortgage payments. Is this legal? Should I really stop making mortgage payments?

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OC sent me a cease and desist letter - What to do

A debt collection agency was calling me for several days regarding a debt. I requested them to validate the debt. Now, the creditor has sent me a Cease and Desist letter. That's strange.

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Should I wait or dispute the accounts with the CRA?

There are 3 charged-off accounts on my credit report. The SOL period will be over in 2015. I also have an account with Amex. The last payment was made in August 2010. They made an inquiry in January 2014. I don't have any job right now. Should I wait till the next year (when the SOL period will be really over) or should I dispute the accounts?

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Should you settle the debt with a law firm?

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Why is my credit score low?

My credit score is 740. I have 3 major credit cards and 7 store cards. Credit limits are around $20,000. I don't have any mortgage debt. Neither do I have an auto loan or student loans. Why is my credit score only 740?

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Will the bankruptcy filing be canceled because of it?

I have a car worth $17k and the loan is near about $10k. Presently, I need cash very urgently, so I plan to get a second title loan as I have $4k equity in my car. I’ve to use the fund for necessary living expenses food, utility, water and so on when I file for bankruptcy. Well, I’m aware that I can’t take out loans that I’ll not be able to pay back before bankruptcy as it’s considered to be fraud. But title loan is secured with collateral, so its not a credit card debt. Will the bankruptcy filing be canceled because of it?

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Is there any set number of days to complete a foreclosure Sale in Arizona?

Is there any set number of days to complete a foreclosure Sale in Arizona? One of my friends told me that in Washington State they’ve 120 days to complete the sale before they’ve to start the process over again. Is sale postposing in Arizona is done in the same way?

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How to make arrangements with the payday lender?

I reside in Georgia and well aware of the fact that payday loan is not legal in this state. However, I have a loan with Great Plains as well. I just want to know how to stop payment and make arrangements with the lender?

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What are the chances of remaining discharge?

I filed for Chapter 7 in 2009 and got the discharged in 2010. I was going through a personal injury case which was disclosed to the trustee and bankruptcy was discharged. In this situation, my ex-spouse lodged a complaint with the bankruptcy court claiming that I committed bankruptcy fraud. I manage to settle on my personal injury a year after my bankruptcy and the amount was for pain and suffering, Initially, my medical bills were discharged in bankruptcy. But the bankruptcy court has filed a motion to reopen the case.

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