Life House Funding - Do they have good rating?

Has anyone used this service? They were able to get me a pretty good rate, but I haven't accepted it yet. Just wondering :0)

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That's not true. They connect you to a person who will help with your credit. They charge you 119.00 a month on top of 14.99 so eithet you didn't know or you had a different company.This was LIFE HOUSE

I applied for a loan of$1500.00. I received a call from one of people and asked if I was still interested and I said yes then we got disconnected. Would someone please contact me at (231) 878-0303

Half the time they dont answer the phone and when they did they took forever to answer 10+ minutes each time. And I got hung up on once. If the company is good I wouldnt know but if the rest of the company is a reflection on their shity coustomer service I would say dont waist your time!!

Hey guys, I just got approved for an unsecured personal loan from one of the lenders they connected me with. I am super happy because this will help me get my life back on track. Highly recommended.

Hey I missed their call on Monday and called them back on Tue, it seemed like any specialist can help you with the loan. Hope this helps.

Hello Everyone,

I have been trying to reach James who called me about a week ago.  If he or anyone else is available, give me a call.

In my opinion Life House Financial is by far the most honest company. They were truly trying to help me instead of selling me into certain things. Good company. 

I went to this company knowing I wasn't going to get approved seem how my credit is terrible. For some reason my father's information is being reported to my credit. I guess it downside of being a Jr.  Life House Financial told me upfront their would not be many options for me unless I removed my fathers items from my credit report. I didn't know you could remove errors from your credit. They showed my how to do this for free.  Other companies wanted to charge me $100 a month for the same thing. It's nice to see a company looking out for the little guy. If you need credit help, I would recommned you ask them to teach you how to fix things yourself for free. 

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