How can we cleaning our credit?

After about 5 years of being broke and ignoring my debt, I want to start chipping away at it and get my credit back up. I need some advice on the best way to do that. The pay for delete sound too good to be true, does it work? My report shows a few companies that have charged off and the agency that is collecting, would it remove both or just the collection? Most of my debt is older and due to be off of the report in the next 2 years, If I just wait is there anyway for them to keep reporting it after the 7 years? Any advice would help, Thank you.

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Also...another thing you can do is look on your CR\'s for \'fall off\' dates. ..the dates on which certain debts will (or should) come off your CR. I had a few debts that were suppose to \'fall off\' at a certain time..and they didn\'t. I sent  certified letter, to the CB\'s/CRA\'s and explained my issue. It took a little while (about 60 days) to resolve, but, those debts are now gone. Just a little \'personal\' advice..hope it helps.

For debt that has been referred to a debt collector, the reporting done by the original creditor and the debt collector are separate.  Securing a deletion from one does not compel any credit report deletion by the other.  If a PFD is obtained, you would still have to address the reporting by the other party, such as by way of a request for good-will deletion.

The FCRA does not restrict any party from reporting accurate information to a CRA at any time.  FCRA 605(a), which relates to CR removal of derogs, is imposed on the CRAs,  They must independently monitor the dates of delinquencies, and then cease to include the reported information in any CR they issue after the relevant date.

The dates for CR deletion are specific, and cannot be reset to a later date.  For monthly delinquecies, it is the date the delinquency occured.  For reported collections and charge-offs, it is based on one date-certain, which is the date of first delinquency (DOFD) in the most recent chain of dellinquencies that occured prior to the charge-off or collection.

You can apply for pay for delete. But it will be the creditor/collection agency's discretion whether or not they will consider your request. However, if the SOL period gets over, then they cannot legally come after you for the debts.

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