Ahhh, its the middle eastern people again.How to handle them?

ok, i\'ve been dealing with these people off and on for the last few years. they used to call once every few weeks. no big deal. but now they are calling nonstop, yesterday they called at 6:50am and continued to call every 30 minutes the rest of the day. i know they are trying to collect on a payday loan, but they wont tell me who the original creditor is. but here\'s the kicker, i filed bankruptcy last year and got my discharge papers in december. and i garantee whatever payday loan they are trying to collect on was included in my bk, because i did not miss a single thing. i\'ve tried talking to these people, i\'ve tried being civil. i\'ve explained the bk and how its illegal for them to collect on a debt thats been discharged. i\'ve asked multiple times what they want? what are they calling for?. all they do is talk over me and threaten me. supposidly i was supposed to get arrested a couple days ago. they said the officer would be banging on my door at 11am. i\'ve called their bluffs, i\'ve spent hours returning their calls over and over to the point where they just hang up on me. but now its to the point where its not funny anymore. i just want them to stop calling. they are breaking so many laws and i\'m tired of them getting away with it. it doesnt bother me that they call my house, but what gets me is they continue to call my job and my refrences and thats whats really making me mad. and they continue to not tell me anything. but here\'s what little information i have gotten from them.

they mainly give me bogus numbers to call them back on but i finally got a good # from them yesterday, 347-289-3124

they go by diffrent names, american credit services, LLC Law, federal crime investigation department.

every person i talk to has a fake name like, gary smith, david brown, shawn davis

they claim they work for cash partners of america

they claim i\'m being brought up on charges, 2 counts of check fraud, and 3 counts of theft by deception

they guy tried to tell me yesterday he\'s sent me 41 emails and i\'m an idiot for not checking my emails, trust me i check my email daily and i\'ve never recieved an email from these fools.

me and my wife battled with them all day yesterday, at one point my wife told them she was going to file a police report and the guy said to hold because he was going to transfer her to the police. after about 15 minutes of holding the line went dead.

and again every single time i try to level with these people and ask \"what do you want\" they still refuse to tell me, they respond with \"we are filing legal action in your state\" they claimed yesterday i owe them over 5 thousand dollars, but they wont tell me who or why or nothing. they guy told me i couldnt just take the money and run, haha. i told him i have no money and i\'ve been in the same place for 6 years so i\'m definetly not running.

all in all this is super retarded that i have to deal with this after my bankruptcy has been discharged. i\'m at the point now where i\'m going to make it my personal mission to see to it that these idiots stop harrassing people. thats where you guys come in. i need help from anyone. anyone thats delt with these people. anyone who\'s been in similar situations. where do i begin. i know i need to contact my bk attorney and see if he can do anything. can i contact the trustee that was over my case? because he works for the creditors and if i tell him i\'m still being harrassed can he do anyhing? i know i need to file complaints with the attorney general. what else can i do to get these people off my back. any help or advise is greatly appriciated. thanks

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