como law firm - has anyone dealt with them?

anyone dealth with them?

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They are the most rude law firm I every communicated with, is there any one I could talk to about sueing for incorrect information on your file because of them. And refuse to change or answer any of your call.

I  dealt with them today. and i  was pissed by the time i got off the phone with  Scott B. He was so rude. I wish i would of read post about this company before calling, because i allowed them to ruin my whole day smh. But i  dont feel bad after reading everyone post. Now i know i have to try a different approach with this debt that they have because trying to work with them is not going to work.

I have dealt with them. Make sure you are very careful they actually sued me for a bill I already paid. Don't sign anything from them without consulting a lawyer first. These people are definately out for money and that is all they can see. Program the number under do not answer, and do not deal with them.

They are very rude and constantly threaten, harrass, and degrade you if they thave your account.  In most cases, people that are being called and talked down to, have expensive medical bills that they just cannot keep up on.  They refuse to take less than $100 per paycheck and turn around and claim that "at the rate you're paying, you'll NEVER pay off this bill, we'll just take you to court".  Alot of people have multiple bills in collection, so paying them all what they WANT is not feesable.  When you're on a budget, you pay what you're able to afford without having to visit the local foodshelf on a monthly basis. 

For the POS jerk posting that people should just pay their bills and we wouldn't be in this situation...piss off you little phuck! We are paying our bills.  Just not to the collector's standards...that's just too damn bad if it "takes forever" to pay it least the effort is being made and it WILL eventually be paid off.  We could be bloodsucking leaches like a large part of our society that just suck off the system and let everyone else pay for our medical/expenses.

Do you realize...a person with decent health care insurance through a job not only has premiums, deductibles, co-pays, prescription costs, they still have to pay out the difference of what the insurance company does not pay?  Well, in one emergency situation for my child, I was billed by nine different providers/services, including an ambulance bill.  The nine bills combined over $4,000 AFTER my insurance paid their portion.  Sorry, but most middle class people don't just have that kind of money laying around.  So, in making arrangements with them ALL, they ALL want large amounts of money.  So if I were to pay them each $50/paycheck, that's $450/month!  Now tell me how many lower/middle class citizens can currently afford THAT!  On top of rent/mortgage, utility bills, car payment/maintenence/gas, or other means of transportation, insurance...oh and food, household, and personal hygiene items, pet food/car (if you have a pet)...the list goes on. 

So before you start throwing stones, you ignorant little shit, think about the WHOLE picture.  You don't know a damn thing.  I'd be willing to bet you're either a) sucking off the system and just like to talk shit; b) still a young punk covered under your parent's insurance; c) just plain effen stupid

Go play in traffic


To all of you who are working with Como, keep doing what you're doing.  As long as you're making an effort and they are accepting your money, they can't do a thing.  You don't have to answer their calls.  Get it over and done with.  They are like drug dealers...they know that what they're doing is immoral, wrong, and hurting people, but it's how they make money, so they do what ever it takes.  Keep your heads up!  PEACE!!

just started dealing with this law firm. the guy i am dealing with is named Tom. very rude, i called to talk about this bill told him my situation he says that your excuse now what is your excuse for when u were working. i told him i was making enough for rent and not much els. he said i will note it on your file and hung up on me. i called him back again and he screamed what do you want!!!!! sad little people i will be contacting my attorney!

WOW! What kind of company refuses to send any documentation? Their answer was that they sent out a letter nearly 5 years ago (to an invalid address) and they would not be sending out any additional documentation to support their claim. I was just looking for something tangible to explain the interest that was more that 3X the debt amount. I know that it is my fault for letting this get out of hand, but I have made a considerable effort to locate and pay this debt that I acquired when I was younger and didn't have a true understanding of what I was doing.

I don't think belittlement is a successful business model.

I just had a call from them myself about an overdue bill, which I am happy to resolve, but the lady miss jannae, point blank refused to send me any documentation of the bill, kept speaking over me to say I should already be aware of the bill and that she cannot send me any documentation because she cannot 'override the validation.'?!? wtf?!? I have never heard of a collection agency refusing to send you a copy of a bill they are demanding you pay. I have no clue who Como Law is and I'm just supposed to send payment because they demand it?? All I was asking for is some bill or invoice and they are refusing to send me anything. I hung up on her. I'll just call the original biller and see if I can pay it off that way. What a bunch of morons!

terrible- just terrible- when asked to verify our debt they sent me a copy of a receipt- um anyone can make a receipt - I will get a lawyer for this one if Ihave to!  They are totaly rude and I will make sure I document everything!

I just received a call from this firm asking for my Husband.  I told him that my Husband wasn't available, (which he isn't, as he's not home) he then asked for his cell number which I told him that he doesn't have a cell at this moment, he then asked where he worked and I told him that he is self-employed.  The gentleman proceeded to say to me:  "Yeah, that's what they all say rather than pay thier bills, they say they are self-employed rather than get a real job"!  He then hung up on me.  I would like to know where I can file a complaint againest this man and/or company?

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