what is the law in Tennessee for payday loans

The are calling me and telling me I will be arrested. I am not
sure I owe this.

3 Answers

Nope, you can’t be arrested for non-payment of debt. Debts are civil…not a criminal offense. Check out this page to know about the Tennessee payday loan laws:

This is BS. You can't go to jail even if the debt is yours. Please tell them that you know the laws. You're not a stupid guy. Tell them to try this story with someone else.

You will not be arrested. I'm in Nashville. It even says on the contract that no criminal charges can be made if you default on that loan. It's considered a civil matter and they will have to sue you, but you can't be arrested. It's not the same as writing at bad check at wal mart. You wrote these checks for the payday loans with the intent of being able to renew them and pay them back. 

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