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I have a PGL for $1400. I have already paid back $1900 and still owe $1500. I am in Louisiana.
I know they are illegal in LA, I sent them an email today to stop all future ACH authorizations.
They emailed me back saying that they did, but I am still responsible for paying off the rest of the loan. Via check or money order

What should be my next step? I don’t want the harassing calls. But I have paid them more than the principal owed.

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You are supposed to get a refund. They're not legal, they can't do anything lawful to you.

My dear friend!

PGL is illegal not only in LA but in Louisiana too. So, first of all, ask PGL through phone calls or emails that they should refund you the extra $500 that you have paid to them.

That’s all! Make it quick!

For further assistance, you may call in this number 800-DEBT-913.

This is their standard reply. Next, they will threaten to send you to the jail. They may even threaten to inform your boss. Don't pay heed to any of these words. You're not responsible for paying rest of the loan. You got that? Your next step should be to send them another email that if they don't give you a refund, then you'll be compelled to take legal steps against them.

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