debt pay 1 have any of you dealt with this company

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when you used debt pay 1 did you  get houded by your pay dy lenders

I have heard of debtpay1 and I am working with them now..My case handlers name is Raymond and he is one of the owners of the company. He is absolutely amazing and I am almost done with the program... I have never had any problems with them communicating with me and any documents I have asked for, they have sent to me..It feels good to have my financial freedom being returned to me and I am thankful to Debtpay1.

debtpay1 is it a bad company? no info on the bbb website there email donot show up. would a payday loan company work with someone  who got in to deep.

My quick loan is the worst never deal with them ever...

I'm dealing with My Income Science now.  You pay $30.00 for every hundred you borrow every week.  If you borrow 500.00 and get paid every two weeks, you pay 150.00 every two weeks.  That does not pay down your principal 500.00.  It never will.  You have to pay additional amounts on the 500.00 to lower the principle and lower the 150.00.  In other words, you need to pay off the 500.00 priciple in one payment if possible.  I feel your pain.

Anna has shown you the right way to proceed with payday loan repayments. Try and negotiate for a plan that suits your latest financial obligations. You'll need to be careful about accepting terms, because in case you fail to live up to them, you'll find yourself deeper inside your debt burden. In the event you choose to go with a debt relief service, check out their accreditations before you sign-up.

I haven't heard of any company called debtpay 1. It is better to not take help of such third parties in order to pay off the debt. It will be better if you could contact your payday lenders and set up a payment plan in order to get rid of the payday loans.

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