are online payday lenders legal in south carolina?

I have several online payday loans and had to close my account at my bank. I need to know how to settle my loan debt

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All the above posters are right. If you want to know what is payday loan debt settlement is all about, then take a look at this link:

Yes, pdls are legal in SC. State the name of the pdl companies. Tell us how much you owe to the payday loan companies. Try to settle the debts on your own. There is no point in paying fees to the settlement companies. Check out the link to know about the steps to settle debt yourself:




Hey payday loans are legal in South Carolina and therefore you need to repay both the principal amount and the interest rate. You can contact a settlement company in order to settle the debts and repay your debt burden.

Payday loans are legal in South Carolina. However, to know whether or not your payday lenders are licensed to operate in your state, you need to contact the South Carolina State Board of Financial Institutions. If they are not licensed, then pay them only the principal balance and get rid of your payday loans.

Please close your current bank accounts which has direct access with your several online payday loan companies and open a new account.It's impossible for you to negotiate with the online pay day loan companies.

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