american web loans- borrowed 600.00 they keep taki

american web loans- borrowed 600.00 they keep taking 180.00 out of my account only to find out these are only fees does not apply to my orginal loan of 600.00 have paid a total of 900.00. want to do a stop payment at my and close my account. i live in the staste of colorado.

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They also operate another payday loan company under the name loanpointusa but they say it is based out of Utah but those offices are located in Kansas.

Continue to file complaints about this company via your attorney general or better busines....they will try and contact you to settle and use the excuse that its a online payday loan company to try and get out of being liable for not operating in your state.


Their our some banks you can use that they can't withdraw from, however, don't know how you would find that information.  They will attack any futher accounts you open if they can.

You should close your account, however, if you open one up they can withdraw from again.  Call them and let them know your contacting your attorney general and do so.  They will usually leave it alone after that because they don't want to risk losing that account.  Please write reviews on the company so others don't buy into like we did.  Please inform others because since the governement lets them run under AMG indian tribal ownership they have no cap on interest rate. 


I agree with Anna. Illegal payday lenders can’t take any legal action against you. To know more about how to deal with illegal payday lenders, glance through the following link:

You need to contact the Colorado Office of the Attorney General in order to find out whether or not your payday lenders are licensed to operate in your state. If you find that they are not licensed to operate in your state, then you should close down your bank account immediately. You will be liable for paying only the principal balance to them. As you've paid more than that, you should immediately ask for a refund.

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