I have been late on payday loan then suddenly someone from FEDERAL CRIMES ENFORCEMENT CALLEDm then called my job threatening to ahve an officer arrest me if I do not pay . AM in Connecticut. Is that companya legitimate company

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I had these people call my previousand current employees and threaten that if I did not pay what ever they wanted they would send someone to arrest me.... There are 2 numbers that they are calling from 315-755 5000 and 315 214 5561 they are using the name of Officer Chloe Decker..... And they have got 2 Payments of 250...is this a scam because of it is I am not paying it..... Those above 2 number are out of NYC


I just got a email from them and they said if i don't pay them that they are going to call my job and that they are going to arrest me. Is this true and what can i do about it.

My mother in assisted living has been getting calls from this number threatening her to ruin her credit if she doesn't pay up. He son has power of attorney and has been handling all her affairs so if this was legit, there would have been a letter sent out to her which her son is receiving all of her mail and there has been nothing. What a bunch of crooks! Trying to scare little old ladies.... shame on you!

I had a same call in maryland using the number 202-800-9954 used name Mark Brown.

Als stated that you will be arrested by maryland sstate police

They will call you as IRS agents or from Sherriff's office. Yes, they do have an accent to scare you. Please note the no one will ever call you to tell you that you will be arrested. They have called me at least three times.

All I know is at least one person was defrauded of $300.

Looks like these guys are still on the loose. I just received a call from similar people. My wife freaked out when they said there is arrest warrant out there for my arrest. :-) The moment I asked them for a badge number, they hung up. 

Jan 9, 2013 

Received a phone call today as well, heavy Indian accent, from 212 558-6543 (even though he said to call 646 558-6543 or the police would show up). I called my local Police here in New York and printed out part of this site to show them, also played back the message to them.

Police were great and understanding, said that these scammers might even be out of the country, buying local NYC numbers.

This site was really helpful to calm my anxiety down. 

I hope these guys caught - they are really preying on people's fears. They ended the message with "have a blessed day" - wow the nicest people to ever issue a warrant : )

Received call this morning (1/7/14). Recorded conversation. Caller Falsely claiming to be an attorney Austin Reed of Federal Crimes Enforcement agency at 32 West Bank Street. New York, NY. Trying to scare victim in order to extort money.

I have received at least 2 calls from these scammers. The caller has an obvious Indian accent, and the number he calls from is 646-757-1262. He says his name is 'Officer MIchael Evans' (not too sure about last name). They ask for me by name (I said "she isn't here right now") Then he said to pass the message along that she has had serious charges brought against her and will be arrested in the next 30 minutes. Funny, no one has knocked my door down yet with guns drawn...

Anyway, I called the number back and the person who answered also had an Indian accent. He said his name was Officer Kevin and he was working for the Federal Crimes Enforcement Network.

I believe if I had allowed them to get to that point, they would have asked me to send them money to prevent my arrrest.

I just reported this scam to the Ohio Attorney General's Office


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