Tribal Loans

Hello, I have some payday (tribal) loans that I have paid over the principal and I am no longer able to take the financial hit of paying them back. I reside in the state of MD where these loans are illegal. How do I stop them from taking money out and close these loans?

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In case of an illegal loan, you need to pay just the principal amount.

Mabelle Page

HI ALL! I Am currently have an open loan with plain green. I sent emails to them 2 days ago and asked to settlement for me to pay back the principles. I haven't received anwer from plain green. What if,they ignore me ? What should I do next ? Please advise

Very should revoke the ACH, inform your bank, and if possible..close that account.

Ask them to stop pulling out money from your account, if they don't stop, then make a complaint to the attorney general in your state.

Revoke the ACH authorization and close your bank account. Don't pay extra money henceforth.

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