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I have 4 online payday loans, all taken within the last 6 months I owe around $1,500 total but I cannot continue paying these outrageous fees every two weeks. I closed my checking account on purpose. Now need to figure out how to repay them. Any suggestions. I live in Indiana. These are Payday Nation, Integrity Advance, One Click Cash, and Mobi Loans

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I have loans with Multi Loan Source, One Click Cash, United Cash loans,Three B Finance.

they are killing me with finance charges.I have paid United Cash Loans enough in interest torepay all of these loans.

ARe they illegal in Tennesseee?

what about illinois?  Are these illegal as well?

what about illinois?  Are these illegal as well?

I live in Alabama and have several payday loans, one of which is with Mobiloans,CashnetUSA, and Ameriloans.  They are hitting me too twice a month with high fees.  Please help.  Thanks

Thank you all. Much appreciated.

All your payday loan lenders are iilegal in Indiana. Quite obviously, you need to pay just the principal amount.

All the lenders are illegal. Therefore, you're required to pay only the principal balance and not the interest or any fees. 

All your lenders are illegal. So you owe principal only. Don’t pay them any interest or fees. If you have overpaid them, then ask them for a refund. You have done the right thing by closing down your bank account. View this page to know how to deal with illegal lenders:

All your lenders are illegal in your state. Its a little funny as well. If you look at the fine print at the bottom of the Payday Nation homepage, you will notice that it says that they do not operate in Indiana.

Good move closing that bank account. Make doubly sure that the bank account is completely closed because these idiots will start hitting the account come payday which in turn will rack up NSF charges and some banks (in my experience) end up reopening the account.

Well, you need to understand that when you are dealing with illegal lenders, you are not legally liable to repay a cent but on moral grounds we recommend that you at least repay ONLY the principal amount, no fees or interest. In case you have overpaid, you should demand a refund. Do not fall for any of their BS or try to set up a 'payment plan'. You make the rules now, pay whenever you want and however much you want. Remember: Only pay them using a money order or a prepaid debit card.

File complaints with the AG and the FTC against the lenders when you have some time on hand.

Integrity Advance, One Click Cash and Mobi loans are illegal payday loan companies. This means you owe nothing but the original amount. You won't have to pay interest rates or fees.

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