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I haven't paid on my title loan in about 5 months due to financial difficulties. My total due is $5300 and I don't need the car nor have they repossessed. I have received a summons and am not sure of the best course of action to take. I am not able to file a chapter 7 as I filed one back in 2010. Not sure if I should file a chapter 13 (afraid that it may get denied if I don't have enough disposable income) or if they will make a payment arrangement with me. I can't afford to have me wages garnished as I would not be able to pay my bills if my income decreased. I read something about being able to file something to stop a wage garnishment but that it is rare and hard to do. Any help would be appreciated. Feel stuck and don't want to make a wrong move.

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Hello, I wish you would have told me the state that you live in. In Texas, we don't allow wage garnishments because it is a non-wage garnishment state. However, if you do live in a wage garnishment state then still answer the summons! The worst thing to do is not answer the summons. Go to the local county clerk and file a response. Just say that you expected them to repossess the car because you don't have the money and you don't expect to have it in the near future do to extreme financial difficulties. If you are at a certain income they can't take the money anyway. You have to have something to live on. Answer the summons or do like my friend did and drive the car up there and drop it off before they are awarded a judgement against you. Turn the car back in...

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