Plain Green Loan Florida

I took out a Plain Green Loan of $1000. I have made a couple payments but defaulted on the loan and it was sent to
Northwood Asset Management
3901 Genesee St., Suite 200
Cheektowga, NY 14225
Debtor Line: (855) 677-4497

Not only have I have been getting calls daily from a Jason Lewis, but my parents as well as my job. It's almost to the point of harassment saying that legal action will take place etc.

I have heard these loans are not legal in Florida and I should just pay the principal back. Is this still true that it has been sent to Northwood Asset Management? How do I go about settling this?

2 Answers

Just pay the principal amount. If they still disturb you, then make a complaint against then.

Plain Green is a tribal lender. As such, you're only required to pay the principal amount. Now, this is the most common tactic used by Plain Green. They often sell the loans to a collection agency when borrowers don't make payments. Legally, you owe nothing since the loan is illegal. Morally you should pay the principal amount at least.

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