Payday loans in the state of CT

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If you wish to get more information about payday lending in the state of Connecticut, you'll need to contact the Connecticut Department of Banking. Remember it's very important that you stay informed about the state laws.

Lending of pdls are prohibited in the state of Connecticut. That’s why all the payday lenders in this state are illegal. You are required to pay only the principal amount as they are not licensed in your state. To know more about how to deal with illegal payday lenders, glance through the following link:

Yes, lending of pdls in CT is illegal. So, if you have taken out a pdl loan in your state, then you are only required to pay the principal amount. You are not legally obligated to pay the interests or fees. Avoid taking out pdls in CT. If you have taken out a pdl and paid more than the principal amount, then ask for a refund.

Yes, payday loans are illegal in the state of Connecticut. Make sure you know all the state laws regarding payday loans before you repay them so that you don't end up paying both the principal amount and the interest rate when you're only supposed to pay the principal amount. Stay informed to avoid any kind of fraud.

Payday loans are prohibited in the state of Connecticut. You can check your state laws regarding pdls from the given page: (select your state from the drop down in order to view the laws).

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