Payday Consolidation

Where is a good place to get a payday loan consolidation loan in Ohio. Please keep in mind have have poor credit.

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Is there a way to get an EPP but pay more than 4 payments? Will they stretch it to 6 or 8 payments?

All the 3 payday loan lenders are legal. Try for EPP wherein interest rates will be frozen. The outstanding balance will be equally divided into 4 equal parts.

Which state do you live in? Are your lenders certified to operate in your state? In case they're illegal, you need to pay just the principal amount.

Cashnet USA, Check N Go, and Ace Cash Express. I was told it would be best to consolidate them. I don\'t want to default on them. But when they become due I won\'t be able to pay it all at once.

At first try to find out whether or not pdl companies are licensed in your state. If they are licensed, then it would be better for you to consolidate your pdls on your own without the help of a debt relief company. View this page to know how to do it yourself:

Try to tackle your payday loans on your own. As far as illegal payday loans are concerned, you don't need the help of payday loan consolidation program for that. You can get rid of the loan by paying off the principal amount.

We do not recommend payday loan consolidation. Do you know if your lenders are even licensed to operate in your state? List the names of the lenders you borrowed from and maybe we can help.

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