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I currently have 2 outstanding loans with 247GreenStreet and USFastCash. I am in NC. I am currently trying to come up with $ to pay these companies back however they are threatening to issue a wage assignment and report me to credit bureaus. Can someone please advise how far they are able to go with this? Can they take me to court? Can they garnish my wages? Are they licensed in NC?

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These 2 companies are illegal in all the states of US. You don't have to come up with any money if the principal amount has been paid off. They can threaten you many things. Don't give any importance to them. You can revoke voluntary wage assignment. 

Yeah, do follow the advice given by the previous poster and if you still if you can't repay the principal balance on your own, you may settle your payday loans. check this for more information.

Check out this page to know about how to deal with illegal lenders:

Payday lending is prohibited in NC. So 247GreenStreet and US Fast Cash both are illegal in your state. You owe principal only. No need to pay them an extra dime other than the principal. Close your old bank account and open a new one. Illegal lenders can’t report to the credit bureaus nor do they garnish your wages. They also can’t take you to court.

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