PDL vista b fast next day cash refuse to give me a mailing address

Has anyone heard of Vista B fast next day cash? I live in Oklahoma, have 5 pdl out, d not think any of them are licensed in Oklahoma.
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vista b fast next day cash
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I looked at our license roster, did not see any of these on here, one has not contacted me, one has replied w/ an address for payment, even though I have overpaid about 800.00, three of them were down right nasty, debit card only, no address for mailing, will contact my payroll for wage garnishment, and is calling me at work.
I sent them all cease and desist and revoked wage garnishment, just got an email saying thanks for payment of $225.00, the account ha been closed for 1 days now. What is going on?
am I handling this right? What can I expect? Would not give me their license # refuoklahomasal of money order payments. I have overpaid on 2 of these, HELP

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Bottom line...a legitimate lender provides a written bill and a written collection notice  and does not demand that payment be made on line with a credit card only.  In hard times and under financail duress even smart people do dumb and risky things.  Absolutely pay back the amount borrowed...even a legitimate interest rate...once a paper bill has been received in the mail.  the lender should actuallys end it certified to protect themselves.  Anything other way of demand for payment seems fishy.

Bottom DOLLAR not licensed in WASHINGTON STATE


buddy, my question, is why didn't you have all that info before you got the money? you are telling me that you gave out all the info they wanted and you didn't even have an address for them, nor a copy of your agreement? but you gave them your banking info. now who is the moron?  and legitimate customers pay back their loans.   WHY IS SOCIETY SO BIG ON BLAMING SOMEONE ELSE FOR THEIR OWN SCREW UPS, SOUNDS LIKE ANOTHER AMERICAN TRYING TO GET A FREE RIDE AGAIN. 


jb oklahoma, is this a second job to you, taking out pdl's and then trying to find loop holds to get out of paying them that's what you call being trash. but i guess it's your hustle so HUSTLE ON. apparently when you got the first or second one, you thought that 5 would be a good number, or is that all they would lend you? i'm sure your still trying to hustle some more, what  a hood rat.  i understand you get one and realize this wasn't what you thought it was, that the contract wasn't the reading material that you wanted to read, but then you go and do it 4 more times, REALLY?  and you want someone to feel sorry for you? WRONG

Sorry, the question I addressed to Anonymous from January 8th was suppose to be directed to the Anonymous post from January 20th.

I would also appreciate any info any one has on Vista B(aka Fast Next Day Cash). They deposited a loan into my bank account, but on the day I expected them to collect payment nothing came out of my account. I checked a few days later on their website and my account said the payment was returned unpaid. I called them and they claimed they tried to take it out of my account, but the account had been closed. The last 4 numbers they provided me for the bank account number are not the numbers of the account they deposited the money into and I have never had an account with those numbers. I was more than happy to try to work things out with them to make payment, but I got suspicious about them being able to put the money into the right account, but trying to take it out of some other account which I have never had, so I asked them to send me a record of the agreement I sent them to prove that I provided them that account number. They refused to send me anything and like JB refused to provide their mailing address. At that point, I was no longer willing to allow them to take anything out of my bank account(who is going to trust a company that won't provide you a copy of your agreement or their mailing address) and offered to pay them with a money order which of course they said they couldn't accept.

Are they running some kind of scam? Why would they have the correct account number to put the money into, but not the correct account to take it out of? And why Anonymous from January 8th are they unwilling to provide people with a mailing address if they really want to be paid? Legitimate businesses provide mailing addresses to their customers. Sounds like they are trying to hide from someone.

I tried to open a PDL consolidation with your company but you didnt work with my state, what does this mean? does it mean that the PDL's were illegally lending me money in the first place? How do I settle with them then?

live in oklahoma and have 5 payday loans out? sounds like you did this to yourself JB. first off, you make it sound like payday lenders are thiefs. when in reality, you agreed to terms of loans i am sure. as far as payday loans, you borrow $250, you should be paying $75 per pay period till either you call in to pay the enitre balance of $325 off at once, or just pay your renewal fees of $75 per pay period. who takes a loan, closes the account so the funds cant be given back? thats stealing for sure. man up and pay the loan back. payday loans do have contracts, so technically, a third party company can reinstate any fees that the lender ignored, then they would add the loan that was given and contractually persue you for that. and yes, third party companies can do what they need to do to get it back thru involuntary means. and that very well could involve your payroll dept to setup arrangements on the balance. best advice, own up to your mistakes and pay the balance. if married and third party collections is sought, in some states, it could hinder your spouses credit as well as your own. and as far as being licensed in your state that you took the loan out, that has nothing to do with it. in the contracts, im sure you signed over rights to do business in the state where the lender is, so that licensed talk is null and void. lots of problems these can cause you. best choice for you JB, would be with your taxes, call these folks, all 5 of them, and pay them off. im sure they offer settlements.

None of the lenders are licensed in your state. You're only required to pay back the principal amount. Revoke wage assignment and close down your bank account. Ask the companies (to whom you have overpaid) to refund you the extra amount. 

Check this page to know how to handle them:


Well, I haven't heard much about this payday loan company. As payday lending is legal in Oklahoma, I will suggest you to contact the Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit in order to find out whether or not Vista B is licensed to operate in your state. If they are not licensed to operate in your state, then they won't be able to take any legal actions against you. And unless they get a judgment, they won't be able to garnish your wages. If you have over-paid the unlicensed payday lender, then you can contact them for refund. You can even hire an attorney who will help you in dealing with them.

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