Outsourced Agency Trying to Collect on a PDL. I live in Maryland

Last year I received a Payday loan and was paying on it every two weeks for about 5mths. I fell into some hard times and defaulted on one payment. They didn't try to charge my account again but now I am getting a call from a guy that says he's going to file something in the courts under my name and social if I don't pay the principle and interest on this loan. I live in Maryland and I understand that these loans are illegal. I am willing to pay the principle but at a much lower amount than he's asking. I told him that I am a single parent and can only pay what I told him. What should I do?

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I have a question for you about PayDay Loans. I know that they are saying that they are illegal when you sign the contract paperwork it clearly states the amount, cost of interest, and you are signed agreeing to the costs and how much the loan is with original amount borrowed, interest, total financed amount. So they say you signed agreeing to the amount and cost of interest so you are bound to it and have to pay the whole totally plus penalty fee's because you are in default and they are going to take you to court for it. So where do you go from there? Also you say pay the amount borrowed and not the interest well when l went to make a payment on my loans they applied it to the interest only so the Principal Original Amount borrow never goes down. I have been paying on 2 PayDay Loans since originally borrowing $800 and $400 from them. ( I had to get 2 Loans because I get 2 check's. One from 401k Retirement and the other one is Social Security. I have been paying $198.01 a month on the $800 and $81.36 a month on the $400 since July of 2017. So for 15 months with renewal of the Loans every 4th month. So, I've way Paid off the Original Principal amount of each multiple times. With paying $2970.15 on the$800 and $1220.40 on the $400. They keep calling and texting, constantly on a auto dialer wanting paying and saying they have filed a court judgement for payment and writing bad checks because the one's l write to them came back NSF so that's a Felony passing Bad Checks charge. Plus l have all the fees l have had to pay because of NSF fees from the Bank because of them re-depositing them multiple times and bouncing my other checks plus the fees l have had to the other ven I wrote check's too that were returned NFS. So just in fee's from Bank and Vendors for NFS fee's was $840.00. So any advice on how to or what to do about this situation? Thanks for your time and consideration on this matter.☺

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Relax. Morally, you should pay the principal amount since you have used the money. But legally, no one can do anything even if you don't pay the principal amount. The loan is illegal. The contract is illegal. So, the court can't do anything.

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See, you have to pay them the principal amount. Since they are illegal, you can avoid the interest rate payments. Make sure you pay off the principal amount.

There's nothing to worry about. You only need to pay the principal amount which you borrowed at the first place. If the guy called you again, told him that you'll file a complaint against the lender at the state's attorney general's office.

It's Tiara

When the loan is illegal, you need to pay only the principal amount.
The pdl lenders can't threaten to file a lawsuit.

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