Need help with Payday loans in FL

Hello there,

I am buried in debt from creating a mess of financial havoc after a few bad months left me stranded. I\'ve been reading your posts and I was hoping you could help me. I have the following IPDLs and I live in FL:

IPDL. Loan Amt. Amount Paid
MyCashNow. $410. $167.95
CashNetUSA. $500. $148.75
NOU. $500. $682.50
Sure Advance. $500. $795
Loan Shop. $400. $240
One Click Cash. $400. $270
BDP. $500. $768.75
Plain Green. $600. $315.33
Integrity Advance. $500. $300
MB Marketing. $300. $180
CashCure. $600. $477
DJR Group $200. $450

I am being threatened and can no long afford to pay these. I am still making payments on what I can but many of these are consistently overdrafting my account. Can you help me at??

Thank you!!


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