My husband and I have 5 registration loans out, we

My husband and I have 5 registration loans out, we live in Az. We were not eligible for a title loan since we do not own the car. None of them took my registraton for my car, my husband does not even own a car or a drivers liscense but they gave him a loan off of mine. I owe Checkmate $1100, 1-stop $500, Ace cash express $600 and Speedycash $500 and my husband owes Checkmate $500 we have had all these loans for more than a year and have been paying them the best we could but I am no longer working due to illness and the financial hardship it has caused. Rent is due this friday but so are the loans, we can't pay both. We had spoke to someone about filing chapter 7 bk which we may have to do as we are falling more and more behind. My questions are what is the difference between a title loan and a registration loan and should we try to work something out with them or just start the BK process?

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Try to file bankruptcy .stay away from these loans and you sound like casino gamblers.

How about you just pay your bills & stop making excuses! Typical lazy Americans! Get a JOB!

Hah, that should be "good" not "goof" :)



If you need a goof bankruptcy attorney in Arizona, try Ken Neeley at the Neeley Law Firm. He handled my BK last year and he was great. I think the website is


You may consult with a bankruptcy attorney in this regard. I hope you will get some useful advice from them.

You cant get a title loan on an old car which doesn't need a title to prove ownership. To be eligible for a registration loan, the car must be free of all loans and liabilities. See if you can negotiate a settlement but I think its a little unlikely.

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