Letter to revoke ACH debit authorization

Hi my names Jin
I have payday loan debt and I hire the payday loan debt assistance they told me to close my account and opened new one but when I went to my bank asking about them to close the account and why I\'m closing they tell me even If I close the account if lender trying to get debit to my
older account it will re opened because for
the lender right if u sing agreement to this
payday lender for ACH debit Authorization
I hear about the letter revoke to ACH debit Authorization where can I get this or I just have to wiret to my Self?

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Which state do you live in? Have a look at this link to know about the legality of the payday loan companies from where you have taken the loans:

You can ask the bank to put a hard debit check on your bank account to stop unauthorized withdrawal, if it’s not possible to close the bank account.

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Which is the state you are in? Payday lending is not legal in all of the states.

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