Is Western Sky legal in Florida?

Is Western Sky legal in Florida?

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What if I don't pay them back? Can I go to jail? Would I really owe these theifs $62,000? Because I think people should take advantage of them, take their money and not pay them back to teach them a lesson that stealing is WRONG. I would take the $10,000 and donate it. I hate crooks.

i live in new york what do i do if they start calling me at work?

I just looked at their rates at Western Sky. If I see it right, you'd have to pay back $62,000 on a $10,000 loan. That's robbery right there. I think a loan shark would be safer.


Thanks for the replies. 

I too agree with the other posters. Close your bank account soon to stop unauthorized withdrawal. You may check out this page to know how to handle illegal lenders:

No, Western Sky is not legal anywhere in this country. Don't be surprised if you start getting calls from CashCall soon. Both of these companies are in cahoots.

If you owe money to Western Sky, ensure repaying nothing more than the principal amount as they're illegal in Florida. And in case you've over-paid, demand a refund!

western sky is tribal and not legal in any state.

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